Remote backups using ssh and dump

Vince jhary at
Sat Apr 5 14:18:33 UTC 2008

Paul Schmehl wrote:
> Has anyone done this?
> I'm presently using rsync over ssh, but I think dump would be better if 
> it will work.  I've been reading the man page, but I'm wondering if 
> anyone is doing this successfully and would like to share their cmdline.
We do this for ~100 linux (centos) systems at work. we looked at a 
variety of other systems (rsync, rdiffbackup, tar, dar) and settled on 
dump because of the ease of baremetal restore, support of file system 
attributes, ease of compression etc. It all runs via the crontab of the 
backup user on the backup server, uses a passphraseless ssh key to a 
backup user on each server who has passwordless sudo on dump. If you 
like I can dig out the script although it will probably need modifying 
for freebsd.


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