How to instal my NIC Card?

Steven Friedrich freebsd at
Fri Apr 4 12:01:23 UTC 2008

On Friday 04 April 2008 12:51:59 am berlowin wrote:
> after i have installed freeBSD 5.4, in ifconfig only display fwe0, plip0,
> and lo0...
> Why my NIC which is supposed to be "em0" is not seen?
> My Network Adapter is Intel(R) PRO/1000 PM Network Connection
> thx for your help...

I don't know your level of knowledge, so don't be offended by my suggestions 
if you already know this stuff.

First, you need to check that the card was detected during boot.
as root, do "dmesg | grep em0"

This will show a few lines beginning with em0: if it was detected.
You didn't say what kernel config you are running. If you haven't created a 
custom kernel, then you're running GENERIC, which supports the Intel card 
you're trying to use.

If it was NOT detected, then show us your kernel config.
If you don't know what that is, as any user, do "uname -a" and copy the output 

If it DID detect it during boot, then grep em0 /etc/rc.conf
Hope this helps

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