RAID contrôleur SATA/IDE

Olivier GARNIER oli.garnier at
Fri Apr 4 10:19:28 UTC 2008



I’m looking for a RAID CARD CONTROLEUR (PCI card would be fine).

I wish I could plug in 2 SATA disk (250 Go) and 2 IDE UDMA/133 disk (250 Go)


For the first computer, I’ve bought a tiny card with a Sil680 chipset for
the IDE disk, but it’s not recognising as a RAID controller. Just as an IDE

For the second computer, I wish I could use the motherboard RAID chipset,
but it seems not to be recognise too.


In fine, I now wish to have only one computer with a card for all the disks
(2 x 250 Go IDE UDMA.133 and 2 x 250 Go SATA2)

I looked on FreeBSD 7.0 hardware release, but I don’t understand anything 





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