FreeBSD Traffic Shaping

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Wed Apr 2 22:47:09 UTC 2008

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> I can now confirm that these two commands do exactly what I mentioned  
> originally.
> All outbound connections towards any host port 80 will have a maximum  
> bandwidth of 100Kbit/s individually ( output )
> ipfw pipe 2 config mask all bw 100Kbit/s
> ipfw add 10 pipe 2 tcp from localip to any 80
> Problem solved :)

Are you sure about this?

If your serving webpages, your listening on port 80

The tcp initiator uses a source port randomly chosen above 80
and a destination port on your host of 80

Your host responds with traffic with a source port of 80 and
a destination port of the initiator's choosing.  You don't
want to limit destination port 80 traffic since your not sending
I would suggest after deployment that you carefully look at
your access lists and keep an eye on your utilization graphs to
make sure it's doing what you think it's supposed to be doing.


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