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Wed Apr 2 12:50:33 UTC 2008

As far as I know, every carrier bills by 95th percentile.
This particular server is colocated and the bandwidth average is  
2.35mbps while the 95th is 3.7mbps.

I don't want my clients to have to compete for bandwidth - if 1000  
users share a 3mbps fixed pipe, they will each get 3k/sec -. Rather I  
want to guarantee a fixed output for each client. This ensures  
adequate speed for everyone AND flattens out my peaks.

Quoting Mel <fbsd.questions at>:

> On Wednesday 02 April 2008 14:21:38 freebsd at wrote:
>> Also, the reason for this need is that some services use
>> burst-bandwidth and I have many peaks and lows throughout the day.
>> This means that my carrier who bills me by the 95th percentile is
>> having a field day.
> He bills by the second or average hour like most people? It's not as  
> black and
> white as it seems - you also get higher average when the number of
> connections increases, not just the bandwidth they consume.
> I think you'll find that bursts are best counteracted like this:
> This seperates 'downloads' from 'webpages', 'normal mails' from 'attachments'
> and you can then tune accordingly, if you have/get some graph.
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