FreeBSD crashes

n j nino80 at
Tue Apr 1 18:23:02 UTC 2008

> I suspect you're going to have to get crash dumps in order to get
> any real answers:

I already started digging through this part of handbook, though I'm
not sure I'll be able to read anything useful from the crash dump as
I'm no kernel programming expert. But, the next time the machine
crashes, dumpdev/dumpdir will hopefully do their part - we'll see.

>  Based purely on the symptom that the crashes started occurring unrelated
>  to any other activity, I would guess that you've got a hardware issue.
>  Have you tried running things like cpuburn and memtest to see if you
>  can reproduce it?

No, not yet. However, I already got advice to try cpuburn, so that is
probably what I'll try first thing tomorrow, as there is possibility
temperature might be the reason for the unexpected crash (true, it's
not very likely as there are other machines in the same server room
with the same hardware and this is the only machine that powered off,
though it's the only one running FreeBSD). I'll also try memtest.
Thanks for the suggestions!


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