load balancing with pf some sites time out

Reinhold freebsd at violetlan.net
Tue Apr 1 06:58:48 PDT 2008

On Tue, April 1, 2008 11:46, Reinhold wrote:
> Hi
> Last night I implemented a new load balancer for our office, its running
> on FreeBSD7.0 and I'm using pf to do the load balancing for our two WAN
> connections.
> The problem that I'm having is that for some weird reason some sites are
> timing out when we go to them, here are a few sites that doesn't work,
> http://www.eurodns.com
> http://www.microsoft.com
> http://www.hsbc.co.uk
> All the Microsoft sites are not working, MSN, Live and hotmail as well.
> Here is what my pf rules looks like for the load balancer

I got it working

I had to change the states from flags S/SA modulate state to keep state

Thanks for reading

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