Now it is ntpd that can't find anything

Olivier Nicole on at
Wed Oct 31 19:00:47 PDT 2007

Hi Jeff,

> Here are the console messages:
> ntpd (706) send to(2610:1f8:d8:2:216:cbff:fea3:4b2e:) no route to host
>    "       "         "       (2001:4830:1210:0;280:10ff:fe00:48b9)   "
>   #are these ipv6 addresses? Or are they expecting authentication and
> refusing connections?

The answer seems pretty straight forward to me, in fact it is written
in the error message, ntpd is trying an IPv6 connection to that very
server. Usually, it will start trying IPv6 if it finds an v6 IP
address for a given server, and if the v6 connection does not success,
it will try v4 connection.

It would be instersting to see the answer of a dig for that time
server with IPv6 address, just for confirmation, please run a:

  dig that.time.server ANY

and see if you get a AAA reccord in the answer section.

Best regards,


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