memory pool, rfc

Steve Bertrand iaccounts at
Wed Oct 31 17:38:08 PDT 2007

> I think that in this list are FreeBSD
> *gurus*/hacks too which could say a "try it" or a "are you crazy?"
> answer. If other developers thinks that they need my rfc i'll add my
> code to FreeBSD.

Agreed, so could it be added as a port, or can you license the code
with the BSD license and post a link to it?

To be honest, from what you say about your application, it sounds
beneficial. I personally would be willing to try it on one of the
boxes that I boot from removable USB disk and run the entire OS in
memory, with no hard disk whatsoever.

> The point to zlib / libbzip2 is because when i talk about compression
>  *always* someone says " Why don't use zlib?" Short answer No, Medium
>  Answer: deflate is 15 years old and there are better and faster algs
> now.

Understood. Can you provide a compilable product with reasonable
documentation that can be tested?


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