Getting errors writing large iso image to DVD (bug in atapi driver?)

Yuri yuri at
Wed Oct 31 11:04:48 PDT 2007

I am trying to write iso image to blank DVD-R.
Every time I try (with a new blank disk of course) I get this error:

 4534108160/4691437568 (96.6%) @15.8x, remaining 0:10 RBU 100.0% UBU  53.1%
 :-[ WRITE at LBA=21df50h failed with SK=3h/ASC=0Ch/ACQ=00h]: Input/output error
 :-( write failed: Input/output error
 /dev/pass0: flushing cache
 /dev/pass0: updating RMA
 /dev/pass0: closing disc

And dmesg says:
g_vfs_done():acd0[READ(offset=4290936832, length=65536)]error = 5
acd0: FAILURE - READ_BIG MEDIUM ERROR asc=0x11 ascq=0x05
g_vfs_done():acd0[READ(offset=4290936832, length=4096)]error = 5
acd0: FAILURE - READ_BIG MEDIUM ERROR asc=0x11 ascq=0x05
g_vfs_done():acd0[READ(offset=4290940928, length=65536)]error = 5

ISO file is very large, almost at the limit: 4691437568 bytes. (limit is
4700000000+tiny bit).
I use command 'growisofs -dvd-compat -speed=16 -Z /dev/cd0=my.iso' to write.
And my burner is brand new PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-112D 1.21. Burned only 5-6 DVDs yet.

Why would is such error be reproducible?
I vaguely remember that my old writer (Sony) had similar problem and particular
large iso images were reproducibly failing with the similar message.

Does this suggest that ATAPI driver has some bug?


FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE FreeBSD 6.2-STABLE #9: Tue Oct  2 01:27:22 PDT
2007     yuri at  i386

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