LaTeX oder teTeX

Michaël Grünewald michaelgrunewald at
Wed Oct 31 08:15:23 PDT 2007

Roland Smith <rsmith at> writes:

>> The second question is about ports that install TeX related stuff
>> (such as macro packages, like NOWEB do). I guess you edited texmf.cnf
>> to let /usr/local/share/texmf-local appear in TEXMF trees. Am I right,
>> and was this enough to let things run well?
> TeXLive is so complete that I didn't really have to install any stuff
> from ports. I have a $HOME/texmf tree where I can stick the odd style
> file. The standard texmf.cnf uses $HOME/texmf be default.

It seems that `noweb.sty' (a LaTeX file to be used with output of the
NOWEB program) is missing in TeXlive. But I bet that editing texmf.cnf
to let /usr/local/share/texmf-local appear in TEXMF trees will be
enough to use it.

Thank you for your useful indications.

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