Brian A. Seklecki lavalamp at
Wed Oct 31 07:18:16 PDT 2007

On Tue, 2007-10-30 at 09:03 -0400, Bart Silverstrim wrote:
> I was curious with the information coming out regarding FreeBSD 7 what 
> option are available for virtualizing other OS's using FreeBSD as a host.

Just jail(8) atm.  VMWare wont issue keys for the last known-working of
VMWare server/WS that ran on FreeBSD under Linux emulation.

Their loss.


P.S. I'm considering using my bsd-appliance project to do an ultra-thing
Xen hypervisor based on a NetBSD host.  A kernel with IP, iSCSI, NFS
etc.  It can probably be done using less RAM than the ATI framebuffer


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