webmail client login problem For Local users of My Realdomain

dhaneshk k dhaneshkk at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 30 23:32:31 PDT 2007

Hai  ,

 First of all let me thank all of you for your prompt response , I followed  the steps now its connected to smtps , so the test successful .

I think I am nearing the successful installation of  my mail server
 with the help of members of this list    :
My mail server using the following  software packages 

  postfix, dovecot-imap,postfix-admin,Maia-MailGuard & squirrel mail 

 here in this box now I tested squirrel mail , 

  for any user at fakedomain.com (the virtual users   and Virtual domains )  that I created using posfix-admin  , can login into squirrel mail and they can send and receive emails ,

but  for local users of this server (say  my fqdn is : www.mydomain.net ) I can not use the local user accounts to login into squirrel mail 
eg : user1  is a local user   in this server machine 
I tried to login to squirrel mail  by this 

 login name : user1 at mydomain.net
password   :  user1password      
when ever I try to login into squirrel mail with local user accounts   login failed ..

  So I confused here How can I use my local user accounts  to use squirrel mail , so they can start  send & receive emails , through this webmail client :

(ONE thing I tested that   for any local users in this machine they can send mails & receive mails to anywhere through shell command ) BUT SQUIRREL mail login failed for them.

Is ther any way to add these local users  & my FQDN ( like I added virtualusers  @ virtual domains by using postfix admin OR any other way )  so that 

anyuser at mydomain.net (anyuser = localusers       mydomain.net = FQDN of  my Server )

also can login into squirrelmail interface and start send and receive mails 

expecting your suggestions , it will help me to  fix this issue soon

Thanks in Advance 


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