Procmail/processing question

Jack Barnett jackbarnett at
Tue Oct 30 23:04:56 PDT 2007

Jack Barnett wrote:
> Procmail is working, but during a system upgrade I basically broke it 
> for a bit.
> While it was down, all the mail was being collected in 
> /var/mail/[username]
> Normally, it processes incoming mail and puts it in 
> /home/[username]/Maildir/XYZ (this is what courier imap is using).
> It is working and processing mail as normal; but the problem is that 
> /var/mail/[username] has collected tons of mail that needs to be 
> "processed" via procmail.
> Is there a way I can pipe all this mail into procmail so that it'll be 
> "processed" like normal.
> I'm thinking something like "cat /var/mail/[username] | procmail 
> -SomeFancyOption"
> thoughts?
disregard, I figured it out.  there is a program called 'formail' 
(format mail)
    cat /var/mail/[username] | formail -s procmail


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