Now it is ntpd that can't find anything

jekillen jekillen at
Tue Oct 30 18:13:22 PDT 2007

Hello again.
I set up ntpd on FreeBSD 6.2 and am getting complaints from ntpd that
there is no route to such and such address. It gives what appears to be
an interface card address. I found several time servers and listed them
in ntp.conf. One is unreachable as demonstrated by ping failure. The
rest respond without hesitation, both to dig and ping.
But why would ntpd be looking for interface addresses and not ip/domain
The recent resolver problems I had have been solved, to the extent they
have been a problem. Is ntpd trying arp or rarp for these addresses or
is it something else I am not aware of? This is the first time I have 
with ntp. I am trying to follow instructions from latest FreeBSD 
Thanks in advance;
Jeff K

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