is on lo0 but got reply from...

Brent Jones brent.jones at otago.ac.nz
Tue Oct 30 14:33:53 PDT 2007

You are correct, and that's all it probably means.  Someone on your ISP
side (and it could be the ISP itself) is using the 192.168 address
space.  Our ISP here uses the 172.16 private address space for a bunch
of stuff, including all their internal mail relays.


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One of my FreeBSD machines acts as a router, providing shared internet
access via ipfw/natd to the local network. Recently I've been getting
a lot of these in the logs:

    arp: is on lo0 but got reply from (someEthernetAddress)
on xl1

xl1 is my Internet-facing interface. The address is
configured on the internal interface, xl0 not xl1. The address mapping
for is a permanent entry in the ARP table. 1) After
reading the arp(4) manpage am I to assume that someone on my ISP's
side of things has something terribly mis-configured? 2) If the local
host has a permanent entry for, why would it send out an
arp request for an address it already knows (is this normal)?

Just trying to make sure it's not something I screwed up...
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