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Tue Oct 30 14:06:54 PDT 2007

On 6.2-RELEASE vmware compiled without problems from ports collection. You 
just need kernel sources to be installed.
Actually in addition you need to retrieve a key from vmware to unlock the 
vmware workstation. I was not able to find out a free solution longer than 
for a testing period (of 30 days as far as I remember).
Anyhow for me connecting to a windows server using rdesktop was an alternative 
to emulationg windows with wmware.

greez, Tino

Am Dienstag 30 Oktober 2007 13:03 schrieb Bart Silverstrim:
> I was curious with the information coming out regarding FreeBSD 7 what
> option are available for virtualizing other OS's using FreeBSD as a host.
> I've been running several servers (Windows of various versions and a
> Linux system) as virtual machines under VMWare Server for Linux for
> about a year now.  I remember there were some problems with trying to
> get FreeBSD to run VMWare previously?
> Is anyone virtualizing systems using a FreeBSD host, and if so what are
> you using?  Or is FreeBSD primarily just useful for being a virtual
> guest if it isn't on the physical machine?
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