is this for OO-2 for FBSD?

Vince jhary at
Tue Oct 30 03:11:49 PDT 2007

Gary Kline wrote:
> 	I'm in  the middle of upgrading some platforms and just caught
> 	OOo_OOG680_m6_source.tar.bz2 (278MB) being downloaded. The port
> 	says that this is OO-2.3, but the build says Ishould have
> 	11GB of disk and ~2GB of memory.    
> 	I somehow downloaded OO_2.3 as a package on one platform.  Does
> 	this make any sense?  How many of us have 2 gigs of memory?
> 	Seems more than a biit irrational to me.  Or did my
> 	portupgrade -aP grab the wrong port?
I think the problem is that the build does take so long and so much
resources that the package updates are a bit scarce. The latest I can
see on the mirrors is which doesnt seem
to fit the numbering scheme for the port but does fit which seems a bit odd. I would probably just get the
latest package from the openoffice package site
and upgrade manually. As a 7.0 user I had to build my own which took a


> 	gary

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