Name resolution solved

jekillen jekillen at
Mon Oct 29 21:38:59 PDT 2007

Hello again:
I solved the problem with the name resolution associated
with installing ports via ftp, portsnap.
1. I found an erroneous entry in routing tables and removed it
    and rebooted.
There was no route to the default gateway because there was
another erroneous gateway entry before it. I believe removing
this solved it.
2. I did change a few settings in my primary named.conf file to
    allow for queries through a fire wall, and found one wrong
    network address reference. But I did not restart named on
    that machine, so the changes would not have effected the
    problem one way or another ( I believe) .
I tried pinging a remote site by name and it worked so I went
ahead with portsnap fetch and it worked.

Somehow I managed to get things right...eventually. Without
being a computer scientist/networking engineer/technician I
guess I am doing alright on my own, with help from great
people on this list.
Jeff K.

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