Changing console size, vidcontrol only lists 80x25

Joshua Isom jrisom at
Mon Oct 29 15:58:04 PDT 2007

I recently bought a new LCD monitor for my computer.  It handles 
1440x900 and seems to automatically do some scaling(although buggy) to 
utilize the entire screen, resulting in a stretched, blurry, and 
cropped screen for the console.  After some time and playing around, I 
was about to get Xorg to behave and use the native resolution of the 
monitor.  When I run vidcontrol -i mode, only 80x25 is displayed for 
options, nothing else.  The "option VESA" doesn't seem to work in 
STABLE anymore so I'm not sure how to be able to get better support.  
I'm currently running STABLE on amd64.

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