Firefox crashing

Neil Munro neilmunro at
Mon Oct 29 13:52:28 PDT 2007

Hey, I have recently gotten FreeBSD working for the first time ever. I am
very happy with it, however there are a few things I have having trouble
getting to work, firefox is my main issue atm, it got installed along with
Gnome 2.20 as you would expect however when I tried to run it nothing
happened, now while I am new to FreeBSD I am not new to *Nix systems, so I
used a tip I picked up from adjusting portupgrade to use BDB4 and ran 'make
config' in the firefox ports directory, I enabled logging and debug etc just
to see if it could provide any useful output as to what might be the cause
of firefox crashing. It worked, and attached is the log of what happens when
I try to start Firefox.

I am cvsup'ing now and will try recompiling firefox again, see if that makes
a difference, but I have been playing with FreeBSD all week and not gotten
Firefox to work yet.

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