Greeter application missing (??) gdm login ?

Gary Kline kline at
Mon Oct 29 09:53:05 PDT 2007

 	Well, I managed to hose my gnome config *thoroughly*.  Can
	anybody clue me in how to set things right?

	/home is now where /usr/home was before.  I have a dummy
	acccolunt that when I typr (as root) kdm, KDE starts up.
	But trying gdm (or automating this in /etc/rc.conf) gets me
	nowhere.  I deleted ~/.gnome2 thinking that itwould be rebuilt on
	my next login. Nope.  --i Also messed with the login screen
	andnow I see a large daisy on the lower right.  There is a dialog
	about my missing some files in /var/tmp.  

	Any/all insights welcome here!


  Gary Kline  kline at  Public Service Unix

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