Recommended servers for FreeBSD

Andrew Wasilczuk andrew at
Sun Oct 28 18:37:16 PDT 2007

Hi John,

> Check out They build and support servers particularly for 
> FreeBSD (and other lesser unix-like OSes) and are competitively priced. The 
> pre-sales engineer I talked to definitely had a clue so you should be able 
> to make a good decision before you give them any money. :)

They look good, but I would prefer somebody in the UK since that's where
I'm based.

> If you're more of a do-it-yourself person then servers built around 
> supermicro boards should be reasonably compatible, but you'll want to 
> verify the network and storage chipsets beforehand if they're onboard.

I run two legacy supermicro boxes and they seem fine.  One of the
reasons I use a lot of IBM is that if anything goes wrong they will send
an engineer and fix it reasonably quick, where with DIY I don't have that
kind of comfort.  

> HP ProLiant servers are generally decent. The onboard RAID is usually 
> supported by the ciss driver.

I haven't dealt with HP yet, but I'm starting to seriously consider them.
How is good is their support when things go wrong?  



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