Name resolution

James oscartheduck at
Sat Oct 27 20:09:14 PDT 2007

> >
> thank you; your right it is cvsup, but the handbook indicates that I
> could use csup in place of cvsup in the command line on v6.2 and up.
>   But that does not seem to effect the resolver issue (unless I am
> mistaken here and the resolver is actually working and it is just the
> reference)
> Jeff K

Try pinging google. If it works, great. If not, then the simplest way I've
found to read local changes to resolv.conf  into the system is to boot into
single user mode and then ctrl-d out of it.

Just type:
shutdown NOW

And you'll be taken to single user mode.

Assuming your resolv.conf is correct, great. If not, we'll work on fixing


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