Name resolution

jekillen jekillen at
Sat Oct 27 16:41:58 PDT 2007

I have been trying to tame the use of the ports mechanisms.
I set up a  system with a static ip connection to the internet
and when I run:

pkg_add -r csup-without-gui (verbatim from the freebsd handbook I  
downloaded just a few days ago)

I get this:
Error: FTP Unable to get 
Latest/csup-without-gui.tbz: No address record
pkg_add: unable to fetch  
Latest/csup-without-gui.tbz' by URL

I checked inetd.conf and resolv.conf.
ftp is working in inetd.conf but when I went to
look in resolv.conf, there was no file by that name.
So I created one with my local nameservers and the ISP's nameservers.
All of my servers are connected to local network and public. I have
the name servers set to respond to requests from public network only
(I do not want anyone finding out the address numbers I use on the
private network)
But I am not sure whether these changes require that I reboot the  

The connection is live and working. I can ping another of my static ip
addresses, and other machines running on the private nework. But
if I ping one of my websites by name the ping cannot find it. so I know
it is a resolver issue, with no name server running on this machine.

I have to assume there is a local resolver, but since it is just a  
library, and
not a process, as I understand it, I am thinking that something needs to
be redone to use the file with the changes.

This is because after adding the file /etc/resolv.conf I still get the  

I am doing this to keep in step with FreeBSD and I have a lot of  
software I
want to install for use with email. In the past I have bypassed ports  
programs like Apache, php, mysql and have had little problems. But now
I am 'growing up' to the idea that managing changes and removals will
be much easier if I do use ports. I just need to figure out what it  
and expects, and what I can and should expect.

For instance, If I want to install Apache with php with gd and a lot of
other extensions that have to be built separately by hand so php
can include them and/or use them, how is that accomplished with
ports? Or, suppose I have Apache already installed and want to
install ssl. In the manual method ssl has to be prebuilt and configured
specific to Apache before Apache is built. Could I expect a series of
configure questions from the ports installation process to pick and
choose what I want included, or how I want it configured?
Thanks in advance
Jeff K

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