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On Fri, 26 Oct 2007 13:51:36 +0200 (CEST)
Wojciech Puchar <wojtek at> wrote:

> > cool, thanks for the pointers... I had a side note to review these in conjunction with ggate.  
> So, is there any logical volume manager that works properly under 6.x or 7, ala LVM2 in Linux?
> there is gvinum, but i can't say "it works right". it's quite easy to 
> crash, at least was for me.

so i've read...

> but - freebsd allows 7 partitions, but partitions can be recurrent - i 
> mean you can use bsdlabel on partitions and get things like ad0aa etc.
> i used this to make 30 partitions.


> so it's "manual LVM" as then you can ggate, gmirror or gconcat or gstripe 
> with that partitions.

sorry, i don't see how this recursive formatting of partitions can be used as a
'manual lvm'... see below

> precise more clearly what you need. as always - simple solutions are best 
> solutions. and unix == simplicity.

indeed. Well, as I said in OP, similar to what Lustre offers. 

Let's see : what I am after is a way to hook up a few computers ( say, 6) with
a few  HD (say,  6 x 400 GB), and setup across the whole thing a RAID that
would let me :
 - keep running with no loss of data  in case of a disk or node failure (or
minimal in case of a node failure)

 - can be accessed by clients over standard network protocols (NFS, CIFS, etc)

 - the clients see volumes of x GB (maybe 1 of the total size, maybe 3 of
different sizes...doesn't matter)

All this until hear seems doable with FBSD + GEOM architecture. Now the tricky
ones :

 - scales linearly - if I add 90 storage hosts, the system doesnt get bogged
down with the management of the disks / stripe distributoin

 - I can add new hosts (from 6 to 10) and the new storage is available for the
cluster. If I had LVM, I could simply add the new disks to the physical group,
and then grow the logical volume... I don't see how 7.0's recursive
partitioning can help me here.... Can you please explain ? 

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