OEM and Trademark license for Java on FreeBSD -- Freebsd_Sun_Info@sun.com no longer valid?

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> > I too would love to know the answer to this -- the way Sun carry on,
> > anyone would think they don't want people using their language... I
> > am sure Microsoft don't make you jump through hoops if you want to
> > write and distribute applications written in .NET and want to
> > distribute the run-time along with it -- so why must Sun make it so
> > hard for people to do that with Java?
> At times if I didn't know better I would swear that sun was doing it's
> best to destroy it's own language (long term tax write off?)... even
> though I love Java and started a small software company to make
> developer tools for it some of the things Sun drive me
> *(&*&(*&( nuts... Here is the short list:

Well, I gave up on Java and switched to a combination of Python
and C/C++ for many reasons, most of them pertaining to Java, the
language itself and its libraries. Licensing issues and all those
hoops Sun made and still makes us FreeBSD users jump through were
the least of my concerns, because they were essentially one-time
only and though annoying, still bearable.

The problem, or opportunity, is that there's so much legacy code
in Java, just waiting to be ported, and though SWIG has its uses
in the transition process, ultimately java2python (not jython,
that's the other way around) would be great, but it's not there
yet by any means...


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