Mentor for C self study wanted

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Am Donnerstag, 25. Oktober 2007 20:22:26 schrieb Aryeh M. Friedman:
> > Absolutely.  (I just didn't mention it before because
> > obviously Harald already has a beginner's book on the
> > C programming language.)
> Herald does in fact have one that sucks (it does a terrible job on type
> sizes for example [doesn't mention that they may very on different

Well, probably it's not that bad.

First, thanks to all for your help.

K&R has been laying arround here for at least 2 years. I hated it.
It instructs me to use functions like printf without explaining it, and the 
examples are not really motivating. So every time I tried to write something 
on my own I was stoped by the simple printf, for example.

I'm sure it's a very good book as a reference, but it couldn't motivate me as 
a real C beginner (not a bloody programming beginner though).

So I bought two new books, the first, which I've started with, 
is "Markt+Technik, jetzt lerne ich C" (ISBN-13 978-3-8272-4210-5).
Indeed, it hasn't made clear that short and int are different, they just 
explained short and long (and double long) and I thought short is a synonym 
for int.
But it explains in some short sentences the most important 
behaviour/requirements for the functions we use. It still leaves me alone 
when it comes to compilers, but after only three evenings so far I think that 
I made real progress. Writing a simple practice just works :)
And I already know that float x; x=10/3 is 3 not 3.3333. I can't remember 
reading that in the K&R in the first quarter of the book.
I'm still quiet happy with it.

The next book is O'Reillys C in a nutshell (ISBN 3-89721-344-3). I'll open it 
if I have structs and pointers practiced...

And of course I'll "replay" the K&R if I have some more basics.



> machines])... since he is paying me a small amount to help him in detail
> I am going to recommend K&R to him (with the caution is is meant for
> experienced programmers)

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