portmaster question

RW fbsd06 at mlists.homeunix.com
Thu Oct 25 10:38:48 PDT 2007

On Thu, 25 Oct 2007 08:50:10 -0600
James <jamesh at lanl.gov> wrote:

> On Thu, 2007-10-25 at 10:11 -0400, Tsu-Fan Cheng wrote:
> > hi,
> >    i been using portmaster for a while when upgrading my ports,
> > often times when there are some problems in certain ports, e.g.
> > jdk, i will use "-x jdk" so i can deal with it later. but when
> > there are two or more of them that need special attention, i cant
> > find a way to do it right, i tried "-x A -x B", this seems only to
> > register B as neglected; "-x A B" void B in neglect. can someone
> > show me the way?? thanks!!
> > 

> >From man portmaster:
>      [-m arguments for make] [-x glob pattern to exclude from
> building] -x  avoid building ports as dependencies that match this
> pattern
> Sounds like it's implemented as a regular expression. Try looking up
> the regex syntax for the shell it's implemented in (which I think is
> bourne) and using a grouping expression.

It's a glob, not a regular expression. 

I don't think it can be done except by an unreliable cludge like
"[ge][if][mo][px]" which matches gimp and firefox.

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