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Oliver Fromme olli at
Thu Oct 25 09:06:26 PDT 2007

Erik Trulsson wrote:
 > Oliver Fromme wrote:
 > > By the way, I recommend you get a copy of the C standard
 > > and use it for reference.  You can buy a digital copy (PDF)
 > > at  (Search for "9899-1999"),
 > > it's $30.  Alternatively ask Google for "C99 draft" to get
 > > a free copy of a draft of the standard, which isn't very
 > > different from the final standard.
 > > 
 > > You can also buy a hardcopy of the standard (i.e. a book),
 > > but it was ~ $300 last time I looked.
 > That may be the price if you order a paper copy directly from ANSI/ISO,


 > but the C standard has also been published as a regular book
 > (ISBN 978-0-470-84573-8) which is not quite so expensive.

OK, I didn't know about that one.  Personally I chose to
order the PDF copy (which was $15 a few years ago, IIRC,
now it's $30) after working for some time with the free

 > For a beginner the standard itself is probably a bit too heavy-going.

Right, it's certainly not suitable as a tutorial or as an
introduction for a beginner.  But it's useful as a reference
when you need to know the official details about a certain
part of the language (e.g. where do sequence points occur,

 > The book usually recommended is 'The C programming language, Second edition'
 > by Kernighan and Ritchie. ( )

Absolutely.  (I just didn't mention it before because
obviously Harald already has a beginner's book on the
C programming language.)

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