boot manager oddity (two IDE drives, two o/s)

William Bulley web at
Thu Oct 25 05:48:44 PDT 2007

I have two IDE drives (ad0 and ad1) on a Dell system
that is running Windows XP on ad0 and FreeBSD 6.2 on
ad1.  Drive ad0 is 80 GB.  Drive ad1 is 250 GB.  When I
installed FreeBSD onto ad1, I installed the FreeBSD boot
manager onto both ad0 and ad1 disk drives.

When the machine powers up from a cold start, I don't
see the ad0 boot manager at all.  I see the ad1 boot
manager.  It looks like this.

   F1  FreeBSD

   F5  Drive 0

and FreeBSD boots just fine if I select F1.  I don't
see the ad0 boot manager until I reboot FreeBSD and
select F5 from the above "menu".  Then I get this:

   F1  ???
   F2  DOS

   F5  Drive 1

Hitting F5 gives me the expected:

   F1  FreeBSD

   F5  Drive 0

But, if I want to boot up Windows, I hit F2, and then
Windows starts up.  If I shut down Windows (restart),
then I again see this:

   F1  ???
   F2  DOS

   F5  Drive 1

But this time, when I hit F5 nothing happens!?!?!?!

Here is the output of two boot0cfg(8) commands:

freebsd% boot0cfg -v ad0
#   flag     start chs   type       end chs       offset         size
1   0x00      0:  1: 1   0xde      4:254:63           63        80262
2   0x00      5:  0: 1   0x07   1023:254:63        80325    156151800

version=1.0  drive=0x80  mask=0xf  ticks=182
default_selection=F5 (Drive 1)

freebsd% boot0cfg -v ad1
#   flag     start chs   type       end chs       offset         size
1   0x80      0:  1: 1   0xa5   1023:254:63           63    524281212

version=1.0  drive=0x81  mask=0xf  ticks=182
default_selection=F1 (Slice 1)

What I want to know is am I doing something wrong, or, am I not
doing enough to configure (using the boot0cfg(8) command) the
two boot managers (one on each drive)?

BTW, the "???" slice above is the Windows recovery (or diagnostic?)
slice, I believe.

I have looked in the Handbook to no avail.  Any ideas?  Help!



William Bulley                     Email: web at

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