user ppp and PPPoE bridging

Nikos Vassiliadis nvass at
Thu Oct 25 03:45:56 PDT 2007

On Thursday 25 October 2007 00:11:39 freebsd at wrote:
> Oct 24 12:33:35 nightmare ppp[859]: tun0: Debug: deflink: PPPoE:ed1:
> Cannot determine bandwidth
> I presume this is a result of the lost LQR packets.

No, bandwidth isn't known to ppp. You can ignore this warning.
There is no connection between LQR and bandwidth.

> The above summary appears to indicate that line quality requests are
> being transferred; so what's with the too many LQR packets lost message?

Perhaps the peer does not accept LQR. Disable LQR.

Disable echo as well. These settings provide some monitoring
capabilities, but must be accepted by both peers. If for some
reason(probably misconfiguration) these are not accepted by
the other peer, things will not work...

But, try disabling only LQR at first.

> Finally,
> Where does the initial IP address used in the negotiation come from?
> I did not specify specific IP address assignment,
> yet the request appears to have asked for
> This is the IP of the other interface on the machine,
> and my ppp.conf has no mention of it.

It's not important. These IP addresses will be denied by the other
peer during IPCP. The peer will then provide you an IP address and
ppp will accept it.

Hope this helps


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