Low-cost online disk backup solution on FreeBSD. Hardware/Software recomendations?

Victor Meirans vic at virtualis.lv
Wed Oct 24 05:57:57 PDT 2007

Good day,

I need an advice. What hardware/software would you recommend for online 
disk backup server solution on FreeBSD?
99% of clients will be Windows XP/Vista users and the main requirement 
is low cost solution meaning that the client license should be free 
(GPL?) or low-priced compared to Tivoli or other vendors.

I was looking at BoxBackup as a software and gonna test it pretty soon, 
I like the encription feature. Any sucess stories with it? Pros/Cons? Or 
other recomendations?

Hardware is a big question. Any experience with Intel storage systems 
and FreeBSD? Like this one: 

Is this hardware supported? Any experience or other hardware recomendations?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

If this should be sent to some other list, please let me know.

Thanks in advance.


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