Install FreeBSD on hp notebook

Zhang hw zhhw210095 at
Wed Oct 24 00:59:21 PDT 2007

I have tried different versions of freebsd, the 6.2-stable and
6.3-prerelease. Sometimes when I start the system with acpi disable
the system will recognize some device such as the broadcom nic,the
fingerprint and so on.But the fun will run always at that time. If i
start the system default, the fun sound healthy but the system can't
recognize some devices above.When I upgrade to 7.0 with cvsup and
build/install world/kernel, the start process will stop at pci
device.I'm now downloading the 7.0-beta1.
Somebody sounds install the avivo driver for x1250 success, but I haven't now.
Hope advices!Hope help!
2007/10/13, Zhang hw <zhhw210095 at>:
> I have installed my freebsd os with acpi disabled finally. But I could
> only enter the system with acpi disable and I will get the "system
> halt , press any key to reboot" result if I "shutdown -p" the system,
> how to deal with it? I have tried amd64 and i386 version, the amd64
> version show the cpu as k8-class and the i386 version show it as
> 686-class, and there are some errors on the amd64 version but the i386
> version run without error messages show up, shouldn't I choose the
> amd64 version?
> Thanks!
> 2007/10/12, Zhang hw <zhhw210095 at>:
> > Hello everyone!
> > I have a hp 6515b notebook ,  the cpu is amd athlon(tm) 64x2 dual core
> > tk-53(1700mhz), with 512m shared ddrII memory , and the gpu is ati
> > radeon x1250. I've download the 6.2-release-amd64-disc1.iso , but
> > there are some problems when I install the freebsd on the notebook ,
> > sometimes the install process stop at probing device , and sometimes
> > stop at selecting country with the keyboard has no response .
> > Is there anyone who has some experience on this ?
> >

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