Want to upgrade sendmail in next OS release

Tuc at T-B-O-H.NET ml at t-b-o-h.net
Mon Oct 22 21:00:56 PDT 2007

> > I can afford the time to start/stop sendmail here and there, but I
> > have to schedule the maintenance window to upgrade this particular
> > machine.
> I see.  I'd still go for the maintenance window option, unless there is
> a _very_ pressing need to upgrade Sendmail *today* because of a security
> update, but you have a point :)
	Absolutely going to do the proper "bring to the next level" on it
as soon as I can schedule a good maintenance window. 
> % The following files make up the sendmail build/install/runtime
> % infrastructure in FreeBSD:
> %
> %         Makefile.inc1
> %         bin/Makefile
> %         bin/rmail/Makefile
> %         contrib/sendmail/
> %         [...]
	As for the merging myself <CRINGE>. I was just hoping I
could cvsup , rebuild what was necessary as if it was a 
"sendmail security alert", and go. I didn't realize everything
that went into the point to get it to that point, and what could
be missed/broken/etc.
> Interesting bits of that list are:
>         lib/libmilter/Makefile
>         lib/libsm/Makefile
>         lib/libsmdb/Makefile
>         lib/libsmutil/Makefile
>         libexec/mail.local/Makefile
>         libexec/smrsh/Makefile
>         usr.bin/vacation/Makefile
>         usr.sbin/editmap/Makefile
>         usr.sbin/mailstats/Makefile
>         usr.sbin/makemap/Makefile
>         usr.sbin/praliases/Makefile
>         usr.sbin/sendmail/Makefile
>         usr.sbin/mailwrapper/Makefile
	I did recompile sm/smutil . We currently aren't
actively using milters (Wrote one previously, but not
using it anymore), and the libsmdb is possibly something
that could have bitten me. As for the rest of the
stuff, not parts that either I needed, or felt were
critical enough to the process. But something to be
very aware of next time, even for another program.
> For future upgrades of Sendmail, it would probably be a good idea to
> upgrade the libraries *first* and only when you are done building the
> new libraries to install everything.
	The libsm and libsmutil appeared not to by dynamic but static
libs, so compiling them first brought me to be able to compile
sendmail itself. I did a test to see if it would compile without it,
it wouldn't. My instructions DID have me build them first though.
> It may be possible to build everything with MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX='/usr/obj',
> and install in one go when you are done with everything, but that's
> something you should probably experiment a bit with -- preferrably in a
> test machine, before you do the same on a live system.
	Isn't /usr/obj where things go anyway? I'm confused as to why
your telling me. If your trying to get to that I should have done a
buildworld, but then just a "make install" in certain directories..
Then yes, it was probably bad form, but I couldn't see making tar to
be able to compile sendmail. :)
> > In the mean time, I got bored, so I did just that. Seems to be working
> > fine, has processed about 15K emails since.
> Neat :)
	Still didn't solve my issue.. Turns out to be an issue with
/dev/console and the kernel. I tried to post here about it, but
no replies... So took it to "arch" where I found alot of discussion of
it via Google.

		Thanks for all the insight,


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