Is it difficult to move from Linux?

Steve Bertrand iaccounts at
Mon Oct 22 18:52:45 PDT 2007

> I have been using Linux for over 10 years, but have for a number of
> reasons become very interested in learning to use FreeBSD. Are there
> any ex or current Linux users here and could you tell me how hard it
> is to make the shift from Linux?  Is there anything in particular
> which has been written which would be useful to read?

I have had a reason to run Linux, and have been running FreeBSD for
nearly 10 years, so I'm backwards to your situation.

Personally, I find it difficult to operate under a Linux platform, and
I'll explain why without trying to start a flame war.

My boxes that run FreeBSD do not have a GUI. I found that many of the
Linux commands, start up scripts, configuration files et-al were in
the Wrong Place (relative).

Essentially, it's as simple as that. If you want to cross platforms
like I've had to do from time to time, the majority of stuff comes
near-naturally, and what doesn't, Google will take up the slack.

You have come to a good place if you need to move forward with FBSD,
and especially with a 10 yr background in *nix to begin with, a little
time in frustration of learning the new locations of files it should
be a cakewalk.

What to read? Start with the FreeBSD handbook. One could say that it's
TFM to begin with ;)


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