OT: UltraDNS and dor org domains.

DAve dave.list at pixelhammer.com
Mon Oct 22 18:35:39 PDT 2007

Chuck Swiger wrote:
> On Oct 22, 2007, at 11:43 AM, DAve wrote:
>> It is only dot org domains, checking deeper it ain't us. If I do a
>> domain query from dnsstuff for any org, I sometimes get nothing but name
>> server records. This happens when the root servers refer the query to
>> TLSx.Ultradns.net.
>> I see ultradns failing to return A records for slashdot.org and
>> openoffice.org as well others.
>> Is anyone else seeing this?
> No, but I use dig, not dnsstuff.  Are the missing records visible by:
>   dig slashdot.org @ns1.ostg.com
>   dig openoffice.org @ns1.collab.net

Dig works here as to be expected. Not a problem.

> ...?  I don't see why ultradns.net would be involved...?

Because dnsstuff is the only service where I can see the full path of
the query. Dig does not show me how/where it queries, it simply provides
the answer. I cannot see the output of the +trace command due to my network.

I think it is an ultradns issue because they are the only TLD server
that doesn't return a SOA record. I am thinking, maybe dangerous, that
our client's AD install doesn't handle a query response properly for
that reason.

One look at my DNS logs tells me AD is rarely configured properly.


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Maybe they forgot who made that choice possible.

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