reverse DNS resolution...

Derek Ragona derek at
Mon Oct 22 14:37:52 PDT 2007

At 12:02 PM 10/22/2007, Eric F Crist wrote:
>Hey folks,
>We're trying to get reverse DNS resolution for a block of IPs
>(private).  We've had the 10.x network working great at the office
>for quite some time now, but I'm having a problem getting the
>172.30.x network to work.
>Typing 'host <ip>' returns a valid result, however output from who,
>as well as other network services (IRC, apache) only see the IP.  Is
>there something I'm missing?
>Thanks for the pointers!
>Eric F Crist
>Secure Computing Networks

Do you have the reverse zones setup correctly?  Are your DNS servers the 
first ones you query?


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