Install on new INTEL motherboard, can't find ATA devices

Thomas David Rivers rivers at
Mon Oct 22 12:24:12 PDT 2007

I just got a new INTEL motherboard - chock full of these new-fangled
SATA connectors... and one "legacy" ATA connector.  I moved a disk
drive from an older box to this new one..

The machine can boot from the disk drive, but then after the kernel
is up-and-running - it can't find the drive to mount the root file

It seems this board has 8 SATA connectors; so I'm guessing that
they comprise the first 8 "drives".. and the older ATA line is
the 9th (or more.)

So - I ran out to the store and bought a SATA drive.... Sure enough,
if I plug it into the proper SATA connector - it shows up as drive ad0.
"Phew" - I think.. I can do a clean install and just be done with this.

But - after the kernel boots (the 6.2-RELEASE install CD), and I
start to install things.. it wants to pick a media... and, I pick
"CD/DVD"... FreeBSD promptly tells me it can't find any CD (which is
on the "legacy" ATA line.)

I'm sure this has got to be something that is "known" - but I can't
seem to find my answer with a web-search...

Any pointers???

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