INIC162x SATA Controller

Michaël Grünewald michaelgrunewald at
Mon Oct 22 00:34:52 PDT 2007

Hi all,

I recently got a SATA INIC162x controller PCI card, and I am trying to
know if it is usable in a FreeBSD box. (See Hardware Note below, if

After few minutes of internet search, I am quite pessimistic about
this. I would however be very interested to hear from list members who
had an experience with this equipment.

In case my recycling attempt is doomed to fail, I would be glad to get
a suggestion for similar harware that can be found in
France/Europe. Local hardware resellers do have some SATA controller
PCI cards but none of them is able to tell which chip stands on the
Thanks for your attention,
All the best,

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