Want to upgrade sendmail in next OS release

Tuc at T-B-O-H.NET ml at t-b-o-h.net
Sun Oct 21 13:42:21 PDT 2007

> On 2007-10-21 11:28, "Tuc at T-B-O-H.NET" <ml at t-b-o-h.net> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I'd like to upgrade my sendmail version in advance of upgrading to the
> > next release of the OS.
> Why?
	I can afford the time to start/stop sendmail here and there, but
I have to schedule the maintenance window to upgrade this particular
> > # cd /usr/src/lib/libsm
> > # make obj && make depend && make
> > # cd /usr/src/lib/libsmutil
> > # make obj && make depend && make
> > # cd /usr/src/usr.sbin/sendmail
> > # make obj && make depend && make && make install
> This can be done only if you manage to upgrade Sendmail sources and
> their build-glue manually, by following *exactly* the same process that
> Gregory Shapiro (our native Sendmail maintainer) uses to do it.
	So where do I find that? I took those instructions from previous
FreeBSD Security announcements against sendmail.
> You are also missing some parts of Sendmail above, like:
> 	/usr/src/bin/rmail
> 	/usr/src/usr.bin/vacation
> 	/usr/src/etc/sendmail
	rmail - 99% of delivery is procmail, but good point.
	vacation - Not used
	etc/sendmail - I don't use default mc's, and don't mind
		running older cf's on a newer version. The
		change between 8.13 and 8.14 wasn't enough for
		us to need to.
> The upgrade process used by Gregory Shapiro and the normal 'buildworld'
> cycle takes care of all that and more.
> Why would you want to circumvent it, and risk breaking Sendmail?
	See above... 

	In the mean time, I got bored, so I did just that. Seems
to be working fine, has processed about 15K emails since. Turns out
it didn't fix my problem I originally thought it might, but in
the time since also I've learned what the problem was. (Kernel hack
to output /dev/console to syslog.

			Thanks, Tuc

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