syslog marking sendmail output as "kernel:"

Tuc at T-B-O-H.NET ml at
Sun Oct 21 13:33:41 PDT 2007

>         So something IS sending it twice, once at pri 22, no flags, then once
> at 166 flags 17. (Unless by some configuration flukeyness its "reprocessing"
> the line). So IMHO its not getting something improperly terminated. Its
> getting the line twice at different pri/flags causing it to prepend the
> "Oct 16 00:00:25 valhalla kernel:" to the already formatted 
> "Oct 16 21:29:00 valhalla sm-mta[31804]: l9H1Srwd031804: SYSERR(root): collect: 
> I/O error on connection from [], from=<linboduschmet at"
> 	The question is is it because of some weird syslog config, or
> is it sendmail (8.13.1)?

	I found the answer, now I just need to know if there is something
I can do about. I found out through trail/error/LOTS of Googling that it
ISN'T sendmail thats the problem. AND its not syslogd... Its apparently
the kernel.

	On the ARCH list, about a year+1/2 ago, they were talking about
things, and PHK made the following comment :

"Spitting things out on /dev/console today will more likely than
not, print stuff on a syscons or serial port which nobody looks at.
For that reason, we added a hack to the kernel to make all stuff
that went to /dev/console be sent to syslogd(8)"

	So, its the kernel forwarding things BACK to syslogd.

	Anyone know how to write to the console WITHOUT this
happening, or without syslog repeating it?

			Thanks, Tuc

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