flash drive question -- can it be incompatible with FreeBSD

Adam J Richardson fatman at crackmonkey.us
Sun Oct 21 09:30:23 PDT 2007

Andriy Babiy wrote:
> Hi everybody,
> While looking for a new USB flash drive, I found that some of them come with:
> - U3 feature
> - ReadyBoost feature
> - security software, either pre-installed or zipped on the drive
> - hardware data encryption
> Some of them need partitioning/formatting.
> My question is: is there anything that would prevent me from using such drives on FreeBSD machine?
> Google shows that U3 can be uninstalled. What about other "features"?
> Thank you in advance.
> Andriy

Hi Andriy,

I have a few Flash drives from different manufacturers. They all work 
just fine, detecting as SCSI devices on /dev/da0.

One of them I couldn't format under Windows. I assume it was some sort 
of software on the drive. I was able to format it using the port 
"ntfsprogs" under FreeBSD. Hurrah for FreeBSD! :D

If it was some sort of software preventing the format, it was Windows 
only. I think U3 would have a really hard time preventing format under 
all operating systems, but of course I'm only guessing there.

Adam J Richardson

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