Updating Ports

RW fbsd06 at mlists.homeunix.com
Fri Oct 19 07:38:11 PDT 2007

On Fri, 19 Oct 2007 09:22:03 -0400
Robert Huff <roberthuff at rcn.com> wrote:

> RW writes:

> >  You don't have to set anything globally in make.conf, you can do it
> >  like this:
> >  
> >  .if ${.CURDIR:M*/net-mgmt/net-snmp}
> >  WITH_TKMIB=yes
> >  .endif
> 	That looks good.
> >  and that can be simplified by using portconf, which puts a single
> >  line in make.conf and reads in the settings from its own
> >  configuration file.
> 	This as well, though I see it as reducing (in practice) to my
> solution.

If you use pkgtools.conf, the settings only get picked-up by portupgrade
and tools that can use the ruby libraries. They won't be picked-up
by portmaster, or on a manual "make install"  and by other make targets.

If you are trying to diagnose a build problem, or work out what the
Makefiles are actually doing, it's useful to have them pick-up the
actual portknobs. You can wrap the make.conf definitions inside an
".if defined (SUPPRESS_PORTKNOBS) ... .endif" block to turn them off
and on through the environment.

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