ahd0 Transmission error [was: can you help me?]

Steve Bertrand steveb at eagle.ca
Thu Oct 18 21:15:53 PDT 2007

I am beyond confident that there are people here that can help, but
you must certainly wrap this in context:

# uname -a

...would be a start, more importantly, what context is this in (boot?).

This is beyond me, but with more context and a better subject line,
you have a MUCH better chance of the busy people that offer their time
to work with the hardware/drivers in question will review your request
and possibly offer a response, or notice the need to file a PR.

I don't have Greg's 'howto get good responses from the list' monthly
post handy, but take a look in Google for how to submit a question to
a mailing list to get a good response.

Even a subject line of "Hardware _insert-vendor-product_ causes fault
on boot" would help attract attention of people that selflessly claim
responsibility for it's operation (and therefore communication with
the people that take care of it's lower-level workings).

I don't personally recognize many of the drivers in question, so
hopefully someone else who does know will help out.


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