Updating Ports

Peter Clark clarkp at mtmary.edu
Thu Oct 18 12:38:15 PDT 2007

Robert Huff wrote:
> Peter Clark writes:
>>  Is there a "better" (I realize everything is relative) option
>>  when looking at portupgrade vs portmanager? From what I am
>>  reading it seems that portmanager will upgrade and reinstall a
>>  port and all it's dependencies no matter if the dependency needs
>>  it or not and portupgrade will only do the port specified (unless
>>  certain flags are present to do all depend). I am using FreeBSD
>>  6.2-p7.
> 	Ca you describe the behavior you would like to see?
> 					Robert Huff

Now that I have reread what I wrote, it seems a bit unclear. I have not 
used either service before. Seeing as I am looking at using this in 
production server environment I would not look at frequently making 
changes as one might in a desktop application. I am looking for an 
elegant way to update ports when  it is required to. Are there more 
concerns about one updater over the other? Maybe this is a moot point. 
If you installed a port with some additional config args can you either 
supply them the upgrade program or can it be reread from the previous 
install somehow? I really am just trying to find a relatively simple way 
to make sure that a port gets upgraded and that I do not lose any of it 
dependencies in the process.


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