Evolution-data-server compiling errors.

James jamesh at lanl.gov
Thu Oct 18 11:49:50 PDT 2007

Hi Lisandro,

just a quick note - use "reply to all" or whatever the equivalent
feature is in hotmail. Right now, you've only replied to *me*, not to
both me and the list. I have copied the list on this email, so in future
just use "reply to all".

It's great that you're keeping the ports tree up to date. Are you also
running a portupgrade regularly? If so, great, if not:

portupgrade -a

Make *sure* that you read /usr/ports/UPDATING *before* running the
portupgrade and follow any relevant instructions.


If you're portupgrading regularly, are you trimming leaf ports
regularly? If so, great. If not, someone else will have to recommend a
best way to clean leaf ports.


If you're doing all this, try out:
pkg_info -Ix evolution-data-server

This will output a package and its version number. Now try:

portupgrade -rf <whatever that package name and number were>

This forces a recursive upgrade of that package.

On Thu, 2007-10-18 at 14:34 -0400, Lisandro Grullon wrote:

> Hi James,
> Yes my port tree is very up to date, I upgrade it daily. I still
> puzzle by the errors compiling evolution, I am using 6.2-R in a AMD 64
> system.
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>         Subject: Re: Evolution-data-server compiling errors.
>         From: jamesh at lanl.gov
>         To: lisandrogrullon07 at hotmail.com
>         CC: freebsd-questions at freebsd.org
>         Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 09:07:48 -0600
>         Hey Lisandro,
>         I snipped out your log, if that confuses anyone reading,
>         please be aware there was a large log file here.
>         First things first: is you ports tree up to date?
>         James 
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