Two questions about UNIX(r) certification.

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Thu Oct 18 11:06:31 PDT 2007

"Dan Mahoney, System Admin" <danm at> writes:

> I recently noticed that Apple's new OS, Leopard, is Unix certified.
> I'd imagine that the big reason that FreeBSD hasn't done this yet is:
> It costs a lot of money.

Yes, and has to be re-done regularly.

> That said, if in theory one were to try to get the operating system
> certified (say, to increase awareness and market share versus the
> penguinistas)...
> a) approximately how much money is "a lot"?

> and
> b) How far short, technically, does FreeBSD fall from the standard
> (we'll ignore operational semantics for the time being)

Compliance is an ongoing effort, but basically FreeBSD is pretty

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