Two questions about UNIX(r) certification.

John Webster jwebster at
Thu Oct 18 11:00:39 PDT 2007

--On Thursday, October 18, 2007 13:49:07 +0000 "Aryeh M. Friedman" <aryeh.friedman at> wrote:

>>> From here:
>> Mac OS X is now a fully certified UNIX operating system, conforming to
>> both the Single UNIX Specification (SUSv3) and POSIX 1003.1. Deploy
>> Leopard in environments that demand full UNIX conformance and enjoy
>> expanded support for open standards popular in the UNIX community such
>> as the OASIS Open Document Format (ODF) or ECMAs Office XML.
> This is complete and total fluff unless they say who certified it.   And
> no one has legit claim to be able to do that.


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