postfix problem

Kurt Buff kurt.buff at
Thu Oct 18 09:33:51 PDT 2007

Let's try that again, shall we?

In, what do the following lines say?

mydomain =
myorigin =
mynetworks =
mydestination =

Fixing these will likely fix your problem. My postfix box is a mail
gateway to our Exchange server, and my say these things:

mydomain =
myorigin = $mydomain
mynetworks = [list of IP addresses of internal servers allowed to
relay though this box]
mydestination = [null, because I don't host accounts on this box]

If you're still having problems after doing this, I suggest either
getting The Book Of Postfix (ISBN 1593270011 - is my
favorite source for technical books) and perusing that, or subscribing
to the postfix list - they're quite helpful.


On 10/18/07, Bill Banks <office at> wrote:
> Hi, Im installing postfix on a server. It accept mail from my own
> network but not from the outside. It said "relay access denied". Any clue.
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